The City as the Classroom

Learning should be relevant and based in the real world.

Capital Village Schools leverages the rich public resources of Washington, DC, in our academic model. Intentional community partnerships allow for unique interdisciplinary projects and courses, such as Space Flight (with the National Air and Space Museum) and Clear Water for the City (with the Anacostia Watershed Society).

For our students, learning is never confined to the four walls of the classroom. As an EL Education school, our teachers guide students through interdisciplinary projects that pique their curiosity, stimulate their imaginations, and fuel their passions. Each day, students work on collaborative, engaging and project-based applications of their learning. The daily schedule allows longer periods of work time, so students can dig deep into standards-based concepts and apply them to solve real problems. Students use collaborative skills to yield products of their learning that are presented to real-world audiences in elaborate presentations, competitions, performances, and celebrations.

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