Teaching the Whole Child

It takes a village working together to lift up the whole child.

In “Crew” — an EL Education daily advisory structure for relationship building, academic progress monitoring, and character development — students form positive relationships with a small group of peers and a mentor. The concept of Crew is also a school-wide principle: embodying the spirit of the whole village working together for each child’s success. The structure of the school day empowers students to pursue their passions, be self-directed learners, and facilitate their own success in life. At Capital Village Schools, mentors get to know each student and family, meeting with students weekly to set long- and short-term academic goals. Essential life skills, such as goal-setting, time management, and strategy-shifting, are also key components of the core curriculum. Capital Village Schools offer a variety of enrichment and arts programs to allow students to develop their individual passions. Through community partnerships, a key feature of our model, students will be able to take classes such as Coding 101, Social Entrepreneurship, and Dance during the regular school day. Students also have the opportunity to design an independent study to pursue what interests them.

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