Course Descriptions

2022-2023 Course Offerings


English-Language Arts
and Social Studies

Our Humanities curriculum is provided through our partnership with EL Education, formerly known as Expeditionary Learning.
  • Humanities Seminar: Using a combination of teacher-directed, student-led, collaborative and independent work, students will study complex text, analyze historical documents, learn from community experts, and produce high-quality work for real audiences.

  • Humanities Lab: In Lab, students will read and write about complex text at their own pace and level that help build background knowledge about the topics they are studying.


We use Eureka Math, Illustrative Mathematics and Zearn as our math curriculum.
  • Math Seminar: Students use a combination of teacher-directed, student-paced, collaborative and independent activities to learn new concepts in math in the context of a real-world project. With Eureka Math and Illustrative Math, students learn by doing, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and using math vocabulary to explain their thinking.


  • Math Lab: Math Lab is personalized learning time for math. Students may log onto Zearn Math to practice standards at their own pace or work with their friends on fun problem-solving tasks the flex their math muscles!

Science & Civics

We will use Amplify Science and EL Education modules for an interdisciplinary learning experience in Science. We use iCivics for an engaging experience with Civics.
  • Students experience Science and Health through multimedia, activities and simulations and labs. Students learn complex concepts through real world application and vocabulary. Student show what they know in collaborative and engaging challenges.

  • In Civics, students learn the concepts of government, citizenship, and social students in order to build background knowledge required to engage in meaningful social-justice focused projects.

Crew & Enrichment

  • Crew: In Crew, students set goals, learn about wellness, Village Values and social-emotional skills and strategies. They also play games, complete team challenges, talk about life, do service projects and have fun!

  • Fitness: Fitness is a physical education class, held outside when the weather is right. Students rotate through different stations that get kids moving, building up their endurance and strength, and working as a team.

  • Foreign Language: Students learn Spanish through speaking/listening and teacher-designed performance tasks. Students can also learn French or Mandarin at their own pace using computer software under the direction of the classroom teacher.

  • Studio: Studio is a super-fun time of the day where students apply Common Core Standards and our Village Values in enrichment classes. We have tons of choices so that students get to have voice and choice: art, music, dance, and yoga are some of the choices.

  • Entrepreneurship: Students take a small business idea to market and make real money. In this class, students learn to pitch to an investor, create a business plan, build a prototype, budget and project profit, and bring a product to market! Students sell their products at our Small Business Fair and will participate in other community events.

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