Academics at Capital Village Schools

Our academic model is built on three key principles:

Learning is best when it is personalized and student-driven.

Each student at Capital Village Schools has a personalized learning plan tailored to his or her specific needs and abilities. Students learn to become “leaders of their own learning” and take responsibility for their own achievement.

Learning should be relevant and based in the real world.

As an EL Education school, our teachers guide students through interdisciplinary projects that pique their curiosity, stimulate their imaginations, and fuel their passions. Each day, students work on collaborative, engaging and project-based applications of their learning.

It takes a whole village working together to lift up the whole child.

Parents, teachers, service providers, community, and faith-based organizations unite strategically to support each child’s holistic development, including character, social-emotional, physical fitness, and life skills.

Capital Village is an EL Education school that is designed to empower all students to achieve greatness in college, career, and life. Our 5th – 8th graders learn through engaging social-justice projects, called Expeditions, that empower them to be catalysts for change in their community.